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【英語部】 What is debate.


What is debate for me.


The world is changing dramatically, so we need to change as well. It is said that we will face more and more challenging, complicated matters which have no clear answer. At Omiya High School, we have debated such important issues.Euthanasia, whether to introduce it or not to Japan, has no right answer. With regard to limiting working hours to 48 hours, we have both sides to the argument. At first, I was not confident enough to consider and discuss such complicated matters.However, as we kept on debating about euthanasia last year and the long working hours this year,I became more interested in these topics and now enjoy discussing them with my friends. Debating makes me think critically, deepens my thoughts and eliminates my old mindset.

Participating in the national tournament meant so much to me. We met lots of students who I might have never met if I didn’t participate and it was so exciting to make friends with them. Since they were from different places, their arguments were different from ours, and we were so lucky to debate with one of the strongest teams in Japan. That game was so interesting and memorable. We were united as one team and we got 6th place because of our team efforts. I am so happy that our efforts paid off, it was a truly rewarding experience.   



I think debating provides good opportunities to learn important topics and to make great friends with students, judges and teachers.
For example, the topic of the national tournament last year was about working hours, and about euthanasia in the previous year. Gaining the correct knowledge and understanding the various values are important because they enable us to understand people in different situations and to notice what is missing in society and what we must change. In debate, we must take two different stances, the affirmative side and the negative side, and that deepens our understanding.
Also, after debate matches, we can get advice from high-level judges. Some judges work in banks or big companies and some were good debaters when they were students. Opportunities to be advised directly by such people can’t occur for students without doing debates.
Through joining the national tournament, I learned different ideas from many teams from different prefectures and I got great advice to improve my speech. We gained more interests in debating together and, most importantly, I felt a great support from my team. Debate is a team competition and we can’t do it alone.
Lastly, I thank my teachers, teammates and club members, who gave me the opportunity to debate. What wonderful people I have met!!



In debate l learned the importance of expressing my opinion using English. Since l was not good at speaking in front of many people, l joined the English club to gain more confidence.
When l entered this club, l was very nervous because my English listening and speaking skills were not strong. However, now I can express my opinion with more confidence. That’s because debating exposes me to English every day. Also, through researching topics, I can now see things from different angles.
Last year, Omiya got a great opportunity to go to the national tournament and to my surprise, Omiya got 6th place in this tournament! Debating has taught me not only Engilsh skills but also the importance of teamwork and making friends. I will never forget this wonderful experience and make use of it in my daily life. I am happy that I have joined this club!



Debate is known as a kind of fighting with words and most people would think it seems difficult. At first, I was one of them, but as I participated in debate matches, I realized that debate is a means to get to know other people. The main point of debate is to exchange opinions, and when we are debating―including self-introductions at the beginning-- we get to know more about the opponents, and we were no longer just strangers in the end. After the match, we talk together and become friends. Actually, the debate match slogan is "make friends!" I have made many friends with those I met at debate matches, and the interaction with them is still going on. Debating was valuable for me because I could get the new tools to meet different people and make friends!


When we watch the news or read newspapers, we only consider whether this is good or not. As a result, we tend to have a narrow view. However, in debating, we have to consider both pros and cons of the social issue at the same time. By doing that, I realize that many people in different situations are involved in the one social issue and how it looks depends on who we are focusing on. This means that having various perspectives is very important when considering the problem because something good for one person could be bad for others. For example, as for this year's motion, limiting working hours is good for people's health, while it will reduce overtime payment and this will damage people's life. We can say the same thing about other issues.
As we all know, not only Japan but also the global society is facing many social problems we have to solve, such as women's discrimination, energy problems. And the people who should solve these problems are us, young people. Having various perspectives is the very thing that we need in contributing our society. This is why I am learning English debate.

I have learned that many good things from my experiences in debate. When I entered Omiya High School, I was not good at explaining my opinion in English. But in debate, I learned how to make a good explanation which is easy to understand and a quick response which are necessary to win. I acquired many useful expressions and my English ability has improved.
So, what is the meaning of doing debate? I think it is to enjoy discussions with friends because we can talk about many topics in debate. This is a very valuable experience. In the national tournament the other day, we had debates against many strong teams in Japan and the more game we had, the stronger our team became and the further our friendships deepened. I am very glad that I was able to participate in the national tournament.

Since last year's Winter Cup, I had felt a pressure because I thought that we wouldn't be able to participate in the national cup. However, we didn't give up on practicing. It was sometimes frustrating and tough but I think because of that, we got the 6th prize in the national cup, which is a wonderful result. Although I didn't participate in matches as a debater, I attended as a chairperson in the national cup, I'm very happy that I could contribute to the team.
Finally, I'm proud of having been a member of Omiya High School English Club. Thank you to my caring and supportive English club.



Beginning my journey as an English debater last year, I have learned not only how to speak English effectively but also to work as a team with my friends. In debate, we have to convey our opinion and understand our opponents’ opinion. Through this, we learn how important it is to know a lot of opinions and viewpoints. So we search and discuss a lot together and this helps us understand others and enrich our feelings.
In the national tournament, I saw each debater speak confidently and try to communicate with both their own and their opponent’s team members. They were so cool and I was deeply impressed. And this reminded me of why I had started debate. I had wanted to change my character to be confident enough to talk in front of people. Now I have made precious friends. I want to cherish the rest of this time to become a better, confident debater.


Thank you for reading. Let’s enjoy debate together!





Resolved: That the Japanese government should limit the weekly maximum working hours, including overtime, to 48 hours (following the EU).「日本国は、残業も含めた週あたり最長平均労働時間を(EUに倣い)48時間に制限すべきである。是か非か。」




一つは、例年は東京の創価高校で行われるSpring Cup。今年のトピックでの初試合。2,3年生で協力して準備し、出場は2年生。様々論点やエビデンスに出会い、良い勉強になりました。

もう一つはJWSDC(Japan World School Debate Championship)。世界大会の形式の即興型と準備型が混在するディベートで、日本、中国、韓国の代表チームも出場するこの大会に、有志の5名が挑みました。予防接種の義務化、メガシティーの解消、おとり調査、といった問題から、”This house should allow high school students to fire their teachers.”といったものまで、予選6試合を戦い2勝と健闘。世界レベルに触れ、英語力、ディベート力、チームワークを磨くチャンスとなりました。




6月:毎年恒例のNOVICE CUP。新人のための練習大会です。今回のトピックは今話題の「宿題と定期考査の廃止」。大宮高校を会場に、埼玉、東京、千葉、茨城、群馬から20チームが集合。2年生1名1年生3名のチーム編成で出場してAチームが5位に入賞しました。












12月25,26日:全国高校生英語ディベート大会in前橋。県大会後2度の練習大会、長岡高校とのSkype試合や高崎高校を迎えての練習試合など、他県の論を勉強しながら、部員全員力を合わせて県大会の論を強化し、2年生の内田、丸橋、斎藤、河津、二瓶、片山の6人チームで臨みました。試合を重ねるごとに力をつけ、2日間6試合の予選の結果4勝1敗1分の第6位! 今年から決勝リーグがベスト4戦となったためこのまま順位が確定。綿密な準備とチームワークが実りました。OBコーチのTakuya、ALTのScot先生、お世話になりました。


全国から64チームが大集合。合言葉は”Make Friends!”

 第1試合:鹿児島高校。緊張でがちがち。1勝してほっ。 第2試合:昨年準優勝福井の藤島高校。惜しかった。


第3試合:石垣高校。試合後たくさんお話ししました。   第4試合:富山国際高校。しっかり力が出せました。


第5試合:Skypeで練習した長岡高校とご対面。   第6試合:憧れの翔凜と戦いきって試合後の交流。 





2月9日: 全国大会と並行して1年生が準備を進めてきた冬の大イベントWinter Cup。出場44チームは関東だけでなく富山や長野からも。今年の論題は【日本の動物園の廃止】。古典的な論題ですが、人間と動物との関わり方を考えさせられるトピックでした。結果はAチームが3勝1敗で7位奨励賞でした。




2月11日:昨年に続き、即興型ディベートのHDPU(High School Parliamentary Debate Union of Japan) 全国連盟杯の埼玉予選。2年生9名と1年生有志4名の3チームが出場し、Cチーム(斎藤・河津・坂倉・郝)が4位に入賞し、学校順位2位で全国大会の出場が決まりました。





Resolved: That the Japanese Government should ban production and sales of fossil-fueled cars, including hybrid cars, by 2035. 日本政府は,(ハイブリッド車も含む)化石燃料車の製造と販売を2035までに禁止すべきである。


【男女ハンドボール部】卒業証書授与式 ~それぞれの旅立ち~



























さいたま市民音楽祭おおみや 合唱フェスティバル参加







令和元年9月7日(土)午後音楽室にて と9月8日(日)午前 やまぼうし会館食堂にて音楽部ミニコンサートを開催しました。毎年、音楽室は超満員で30分以上前から階段に列ができる盛況ぶりですが今年度も沢山ご来場いただきありがとうございました。また、満員で入場できなかったお客様、大変申し訳ありませんでした。2日目のやまぼうし食堂も音楽室よりは広いものの満員のお客様にご来場いただき、3年生の最後のコンサートを行わせていただきました。コンクール自由曲のピッツェッティ作曲Ululate,quia prope est dies Domini(泣き叫べ、主の日は近い)など迫力のある演奏にお客様のリアクションも大きかったと思います。最後の方に歌った「群青」など歌い継がれている曲では、曲の内容と相まってお客様にも部員にも涙が光りました。3年間、沢山の演奏をし、やりきった3年生には清々しさもありました。



埼玉県合唱コンクール 高校の部 銀賞上位

令和1年8月31日土曜日 さいたま市文化センターで行われた埼玉県合唱コンクール高校の部に出場し、銀賞上位という結果でした。出場順2番というハンデもあり、夏休み後半早起きを心掛け、3年生を中心に全力を尽くしましたが、昨年一昨年同様に銀賞上位でもう少しのところで関東出場を逃しました。




夏合宿 in 福島県棚倉


































第55回記念特別定期演奏会 盛会のうちに終わる!


今回の目玉の1つは、ハンガリーの新進気鋭の作曲家 レヴェンテ・ジェンジェシ氏に委嘱した作品2曲Susurrat iniquitas(詩篇36) と Quis habitabit (詩篇15) を初演させていただいたこと。2,3年生と卒業生34人にも加わっていただき、練習回数は少なかったものの、厚みのある合唱に仕上がったと自負しております。録音を作曲者のジェンジェシ氏に送ったところ、喜んでいただけて彼のホームページに私たちの演奏が掲載されていることをとても誇りに思います。



そして勿論、部員による今年のコンクール参加曲(Victoria  作曲Ave Maria、ピッツェッティ作曲Ululate quia prope est dies Domini)など髙い評価をいただき、ハナミズキ ドレミの歌、昨年から連続の笑える男声合唱 五段活用 怒りのグルーブ童謡編 など幅広く楽しんでいただきました。













 下の写真は委嘱作品 卒業生と共に









































  Aチーム 銀賞 Bチーム 銅賞 を頂きました。

今年は毎年恐れているインフルエンザで欠員ということなく全員で歌うことができました。が、Bチームは1番目というくじ運を跳ね返すことはできませんでした。夏のコンクールも2番で苦しみましたが、敵はインフルエンザ、プラス くじ運、朝に弱いのど。



尚美学園大学 芸術祭in川越 の「第九」演奏に参加

令和1年12月21日土曜日 ウエスタ川越にて。



クリスマスコンサート さいたま新都心コクーン2広場にて開催

令和1年12月19日夕方 コクーン2広場にて恒例のクリスマスコンサートを開催しました。